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juli 16, 2007

the beauty in this innocence

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 Dit is dus de text van het ‘liedje van mijn trouw’ (de live-versie van die dag staat op www.myspace.com/bramc)



the beauty in this innocence (Bram Cools)

before you touched my lips
I was unkissed
and so were you my love
a new world will open for us
like an empty canvas
that’s only ours to paint
in a world of ugliness
in a world of lies
let’s paint something beautiful
let’s paint something true (my love)

to love means to give
and I gave myself to you my love
and I’ll give myself more and more
just like you do
let God be our witness here
those promises we made
when we were lying on the edge of the world
breaking them would be suicide
the end of all we stand for

take my hand and come with me
let’s walk slowly
among those flowers
no need to hurry
let’s take our time
go there barefoot
with our toes through the grass
if we’d go there by car
we’d leave a scar in the landscape
and spoil this garden
and it’s the beauty in this innocence
that I’m in love with
and it’s the beauty in this innocence
that I’m in love with


2 reacties »

  1. dit is echt mooi
    krijg er een beetje kippevel van

    Reactie door Soet — augustus 7, 2007 @ 4:28 pm

  2. ik geef haar gelijk…

    Reactie door Eef — augustus 8, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

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