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november 13, 2008

een voordeel van knoflook en ajuin…

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Dit komt van een site die handelt over eetbare wilde planten uit alle mogelijke delen van de wereld. Bij een uitleg over het geslacht Allium (ajuin, knoflook, bieslook, etc…) staat het volgende zie ‘other uses’):

Wild onion and garlic
Allium species 

Description: Allium cernuum is an example of the many species of wild onions and garlics, all easily recognized by their distinctive odor.

Habitat and Distribution: Wild onions and garlics are found in open, sunny areas throughout the temperate regions. Cultivated varieties are found anywhere in the world.

Edible Parts: The bulbs and young leaves are edible raw or cooked. Use in soup or to flavor meat.

CAUTION There are several plants with onionlike bulbs that are extremely poisonous. Be certain that the plant you are using is a true onion or garlic. Do not eat bulbs with no onion smell.

Other Uses: Eating large quantities of onions will give your body an odor that will help to repel insects. Garlic juice works as an antibiotic on wounds

ik vraag me af of dat van die geur alleen bij insecten werkt…



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